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Friday, September 2, 2011



 The Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, NBC, has banned  D’banj’s new single,’ Oliver Twist’.
The Government has ordered all broadcasting stations in Nigeria to immediately stop the song . Well, I am not a broadcasting station  neither am I a media house so ermm so its still going to be available on this blog sha. lol.
I wonder why they banned this song, I mean its not like all their other songs do not contain "funny" lyrics/slangs or in nbc's words"lewd contents"..
I really do not understand or is it when their children were trying to do their own video of the song that they vexed and just decided to ban this one. hehe.

anyways , Don Jazzy had something to say in response
‘Yes boss I heard over Twitter about that. Oh well they have banned it because they have the power to do so. Let’s see how they stop people from hearing it elsewhere. We’re not the first people they’ll ban and we’ll not be the last. When u flog a child at every chance you get, after a while the child would adjust and get used to the beatings’, label boss Don Jazzy responded in an e-mail enquiry sent to him by Nigerian Entertainment Today.

He continued, ‘The truth is that the person that banned this song will hear this song till he is sick of it. He will hear it at almost every party he goes to. He will hear it from the cars that will drive pass him. He will hum the melody even in his sleep. He’ll probably record his own version of the Oliver video sef lol. He is doing his job so let’s allow him exercise his power. It’s allowed. May God bless him and his hustle. No long thing’.


come to think of it, the stuff about ijebu garri is true..lol

much luv,
dangel eyez

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