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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Boko Haram sent an e-mail last Thursday to the mail box of UNIBEN Registrar, notifying the institution of its resolve to bomb the university as part of its agenda to stop western education in the country.
In the purported e-mail, the Islamic Sect gave September 12 to 17 as the target date to detonate bombs at the higher institution, warning that the message was “not a threat, but a notification which must be strictly adhered to.”
The sect declared that it had listed University of Benin alongside 19 other universities where it planned to explode bombs within the stipulated period it gave, saying “Western education must stop in Nigeria. May Allah bless us."
Screening of vehicles at University of Ibadan following a bomb scare in the institution,
Photo: Kehinde Gbadamosi
University of Ibadan also received a threat.The authorities of the University of Ibadan have confirmed the threat by members suspected to be Boko Haram sect that they wanted to bomb the university between 12 and 17 September.The rumour was confirmed, Monday by the  Acting Vice Chancellor of the university, Pro. Elijah Afolabi Bamigboye.The threat led to panic among staff and students of the institution as  there was heavy security presence at the main entrance to the university,  opposite Agbowo Shopping Complex.Many staff and visitors going into the campus were subjected to thorough search by security operatives who were armed with AK 47 rifles and bullet proof jackets.Prof. Bamigboye who said he too was subjected to the search said security beef-up was necessary to check any eventuality.
“We heard rumours that a group which detests education is likely to descend on institutions where education is being imparted. We heard that U.I is top on the list. When we heard the rumour of  the threat to bomb U.I, we did not want to take chances. We’ve heard of experiences in the past, especially the recent bombing of the UN house in Abuja as well as the Force headquarters which left several people dead”.

Oh!! for goodness sake can someone just do something about this people and fast. My friend at Obafemi Awolowo University tells me  the security in her school is tight now and I bet some students are scared. I also heard, UI has declared 3 days of fasting and prayer.hmmmm good but in addition, they better tighten up their security o and do more to prevent it from happening. Heaven helps those who help themselves.
God help us.
dangel eyez

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