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Saturday, January 22, 2011


yay!!! why can't we video is out and its great. I mean the truth is Asa can do no wrong in my book, she does no wrong anyways :)

So there's been Ice prince's oleku video which i hear was leaked (hmmm IT WASNT ME!!) and wizkid's tease me video.
 After I was done watching both videos, I felt sorry for myself. I had wasted about 7mins of my life watching two videos that just lacked the good stuff(cant explain it, it sha wasn't good). Its just sad that some Nigerian artists are still not putting "creative" efforts into their music videos.
         Anyways, I told myself the next video I'm going to watch must be worth it and then as if someone heard me I found out ASA's why can't we video will soon be out...omg!! I am mega excited.

In 2010, her be my man video and nigga raw's O Chukwu video made me happy.

WELL, WELL The video below is just a sneak peek.

and then pictures from the shooting...

oh my goodness, I am definitely an ASA fan for life!!! It will be such a great relief to finally see a good music video this year. OH! if for some reason, you haven't heard the song-Why can't we. here you go and you can thank me lera :d

*singing out loud* tell me why can't we be HAPPY ..oo oo oo oo
much luv,
dangel eyez

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