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Thursday, August 25, 2011


So, I have been told hilarity is a word that probably means something different. please check your dictionary for the meaning if you wish but below is how I enjoy using the word/ what i thought it meant. loool. *covers face*
[[By the way, most of you might have come across the word "hilarity" if you have silly friends like me. For those of you that don't know what it means. 
Its a shorter way of saying something is hilarious..
When something funny happens, all I say is HILARITY..loool. *covering my face with my palms*.]]- 

Moving On... so the big friday show played a prank on wizkid. did he fall for it?

  Honestly thought I'll hear all them yoruba accents from wizkid... lol.
        oh i think I heard "ustle"..hahaha
Funny how he was trying to tell the guy who he is , how is that going to get the angry man's money back..lol

  much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. Actually 'Hilarity' is the noun form for the word while 'hilarious' is the adjective. They are both very correct, depending on the usage tho.

    Meanwhile, that video was so funny. Whizkid tried a lot with managing the situation. I didn't expect that kind of maturity from him. He tried not to get involved as much as possible. And I guess him trying to introduce himself was just in a bit to calm the raging man down :)

  2. oh lool @ d word "hilarity" meaning something.. interesting to know that i dont have razz friends..lmaoo. apparently, i'm the olodo..haha. *covers face* anywaiz, its a funny word if u say it the right(probably wrong) way.hehe.
    thanks MsJB.xoxo


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