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Saturday, June 11, 2011



"Natasha,the GM will like to see you now " says the secretary with an expressionless face that I have gotten used to within the short while.
 Walking in from the gate of the entire building to this office, everything has impressed me. " God please this interview better go well, I'd be super excited" I think to myself dressed in a decent and classy outfit which took me days to finalize. I finally got an interview date with GeorgeDills  Ltd, OFCOURSE everything has to be perfect.

    After 30mins of trying to answer hard questions and the interview didn't seem to be going anywhere good, the GM gave his final conclusion "well, I'm actually not impressed by this interview and if I say we would get back to you, we actually wont. You are a really pretty girl and if we get to know each other better over a good lunch and a great night at one of the best hotels,I'm sure this interview will end up being great and you'll get the job".

    At this point, my mind kept running around like it was searching for something tangible to say. I should walk out now just like I have always said or thought I would when I find myself in this situation but all I could say was "but sir, sir" and he said "well natasha, its your call.You have to decide now to let this interview turn out great with a good night with me or walk out and remain unemployed". I just kept saying to myself "naty get up and leave " but I did not want to lose the job , I was mega confused and I stood up and said "thank you so much sir, I'd be leaving your office now" and I walked out praying to God to stop me from turning back and accepting his offer.
             Even if I did not agree to his demands, I still could not believe how confused I was because even as I was walking out, I felt like I had made a wrong choice. ahn ahn!! I could not even tell my friends about what took place in that office unless I'd have to lie that I insulted the man badlyyy and probably slapped the hell out of him and walked out without thinking twice but mehn! that did not happen.

 ***end of Natasha's story***

I was chatting with a good friend of mine some weeks ago and the issue of people judging other people came up. She said "unless the person takes a gun to start killing people for a living , no one should judge any other person until you've been in their shoes" and I totally agreed.
       Now its not like years back I would not have agreed to this statement, ofcourse I would but its not until recently I understood what it meant. 
      I found myself in various positions that I was sure I knew how to react but found myself surprisingly acting differently. You see a prostitute on the road and judge her because you are very sure no condition can turn you into a prostitute but the truth is you have NO CLUE how you'd have reacted to the same condition that led the lady you've judged into prostitution. Funny thing is you might have done WORSE
          Loads of us judge friends and people we haven't met because we think we would have made better choices, maybe we would but the truth is you'd probably end up admitting it was not an easy decision to make. 
The story is not based on any true story and all the names do not refer to anyone.(abeg o)
I am not a writer but I really wanted to make my point which I hope I did  :).
much luv,
dangel eyez


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