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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HOT NEW VIDEO: JANKOLIKO-Chidinma(Project fame winner) ft Sound sultan

   Chidinma , the winner of  the just concluded MTN PROJECT FAME just released her video for her single JANKOLIKO
Song was produced by one of my fav Nigerian producer and song writer, Oscar Heman-Ackah.

Video was directed by Clarence Peters.

          Sound Sultan did a brilliant job on this one, loved his parts. I love the message of the song:
                             "everyone wey one chop must work, no food for lazy man..." 
abi ooo.
                                   So apparently if you want cheddars and fancy cars but you no one hustle,
you be "jankoliko" lool
all these artists digging up slangs, it actually does sound like a name you'll give a lazy person.. :D

I like the song but at first i thought there was some connection missing between chidinma and the song(not sure) but overall its okay and she did a good job.
Clarence Peters ,brilliant as always and I definitely love Chidinma's outfits .
Hope to hear more from her SOON..
what do you think??
much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. Song is catchy still, you have a fab blog girlie!

  2. thank you :). you've got a fab blog too


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