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Friday, June 17, 2011

Boko Haram claim SUICIDE BOMBING of police HQ.. OMG!!

OH NO!!!!

Nigerian radical Islamist sect, Boko Haram, has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack on police headquarters in the capital Abuja that killed two, saying their target was the police chief.
"We are responsible for the bomb attack on the police headquarters in Abuja which was to prove a point to all those who doubt our capability," the group known as Boko Haram said after the attack late Thursday.

Boko Haram, sometimes called the Nigerian Taliban, had warned Wednesday of "fiercer" attacks saying it was angered by a police declaration that its days were "numbered."

In the statement signed by spokesman Abu Zaid, the group said the police chief had recently been making "unguarded utterances to the effect that he will crush us in a matter of days."

"The National Police Headquarters, Abuja was yesterday rocked by a blast from an explosive-laden car that was driven into the compound by a suspected bomber. The attack, which claimed at least two lives, came barely 24 hours after the Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim, boasted that the violent Islamist sect, Boko Haram, would be suppressed in days....." more on 234next.com

Mohammed Salihu, whose office at the Airtel call centre is opposite the Louis Edet House, said: "Just moments after the siren of the IG blasted past, I heard the explosion. It was a shocking sound, one I hope never to hear such again."

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This is just sad :( . Its just scary  that some Nigerians are now comfortable as suicide bombers. Why on earth will the chief brag about suppressing this people when he hasn't done anything yet.I mean how did they manage to be part of his convoy.
We need intelligent people in the military for God's sake, Mr President there is fire on the mountain o!!

I think the best plan is to create a squad of YOUNG INTELLIGENT nigerians to investigate and help fish out this people!!

In other news, the corpers that were kidnapped have still not been found... :(

How did we get to this stage?
Bad government, wrong decisions,greedy GREEDY people.
God save us all.
My condolences to the families of the victims...

much luv,
dangel eyez

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  1. I think Boko Haram is even more Niger refugees than Nigerians. It's unfortunate that you seek refuge in someone's country, and then try to overthrow them. And they surely aren't Muslims. Just acting under the guise of Islam.


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