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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


'Baby Gaga' promo image
LMAOO!! I have to admit, things about breast have been following me lately o..hahahahaha.

"Ice cream salon The Icecreamists in Covent Garden garnered headlines around the world last week after debuting their "Baby Gaga," a vanilla and lemon-scented dessert churned with human breast milk. The ice cream sold out within hours of its launch on February 25 and more 
batches were in the midst of being prepared.
Local health officials at Westminster City Council said the investigation began after receiving two safety complaints from the public. According to The Icecreamists' Twitter feed, the complainants were two men.Owners said the milk, donated by mothers who responded to online ads, was screened in line with blood donor requirements.
"All milk rig screened at clinic. If bad for ice cream, bad for babies -- Close London's Milk Banks!" they tweeted in defense.
Viruses like HIV and hepatitis can be transmitted through breast milk. The product is now being tested to see if it's fit for human consumption. The ice creamery touted the dessert as an organic and all-natural product and was being sold for £14 or (16 euros). The dessert was served in a martini glass with a bottle of breast milk cocktail on the side."

I just can't stop laughing, I find it very wierd that people take this ice cream. LMAO at the two men that complained, nobody sent them there, so they should free(leave) the restaurant.
what is the meaning of "The product is now being tested to see if it's fit for human consumption."?? loool. unless babies are not humans, please its fit for human consumption.
A whole bottle of breast milk cocktail is even served with the icecream...unbelievable!!

    I just can not comprehend this idea...na wa there is nothing we will not see in this world. I wonder if anyone's husband goes to that restaurant..hehe
abeg much luv o,
dangel eyez

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