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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

RICK ROSS GETS PAID $100,000 to surprise 10 yr old on his birthday in abuja

first of all, i sincerely apologize about how inconsistent i have been and the fact that a lot of juicy gists have fast become stale without me blogging about it. ITS SCHOOL WORK, projects and exams.
       Anyways, I just had to quickly blog about this one. So for those of you that were not aware, Rick Ross came in for the MTV AFRICA MUSIC AWARDS.
    US rapper Rick Ross got paid $100,000 (US) in a deal that was brokered on the night (11th Dec) of the 2010 MAMAs in Lagos, to perform at a 10 year old’s birthday party in Abuja. The news was tweeted by his official DJ – DJ Sam Sneak, who accompanied him to Lagos for his MAMAs performance. Rick & his entourage were flown to Abuja Sunday afternoon to surprise little Igho.
    let me first ask o , does the young boy even know who rick ross is?? (just asking o) 
ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS just like that..na wa o...I'm even trying not to shout. In this broke age of mine, im so not digesting this story well..
   and someone will tell me there is no money in Nigeria. I know its not my money o(atleast not directly) but thats too much money wasted. 
       I mean $100k to rick ross for a 10year old boy probably because he(rick ross) was in Nigeria at the time.
                                           thats just a lot of money gone down the drain IN MY OPINION

 much luv,
dangel eyez


  1. I saw it somewhere but i did not pay attention to it!!!!! I tout it was in yankee dat it happened!!! his a a politician's son? when am wallowing in "brokeness" here I can't even shout....

  2. hmmmm mny miss rd. d boy wld be wondering fada xmas came wthout his red suit and no bag full of gdies........lol


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