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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


   I am sure most of you have heard about the Music Meets Runway Event which is STILL holding on the 9th.
   According to the organisers, Amber rose was to host the show but yesterday, she tweeted that she had no idea that she was to host any show in Nigeria. 

The day before, I was at the rehearsal for some reason for the fashion show part of the event and there was a lot of good energy and everything looked ready and good to go from the models to the makeup. So I was actually shocked when I read Amber's tweets.

She tweeted this on October 17, last year. I don't know if it had anything to do with the show but I thought it did, looks like it did to me.

Amber Rose 
After LAGOS NIGERIA!!! Who would have thought I would have a crazy fan base in Nigeria???? Super Cool! :-)
 This she tweeted yesterday morning concerning the event. The rosebud part is still hilarious..lmao. 
"Hey my Nigerian Rosebuds I am NOT booked for anything in Nigeria at all if I’m not booked thru info@behindhershades.com then its not real. I wld LOVE to come to Nigeria if u guys really want me there Pls book me thru Info@behindhershades.com" 
 In response, the organizers said

  ".... Due to recent developments of Amber Roses nude photos that surfaced on the internet last week, we were in discussion as to what to do about the situation with some of our sponsors who had understandably shown some concern. We were still in discussions with our sponsors to accommodate Amber when we read Amber Roses tweet about her not being booked to host Music Meets Runway.

Amber has indeed been booked and paid for through a reputable international booking agent and we were as surprised as anyone to see the tweet.... "
and later on she deleted the above tweet and tweeted the next two.

 Amber Rose 
 by dangeldiva

 Amber Rose 
 by dangeldiva

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