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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Earlier this year, I was asked to be a judge at the Mr Ideal Nigeria 2011 competition. It was the first event for me as a judge and I was excited. Most of the contestants clearly showed they had done their homework well and came prepared, it was an experience for me and NO , I wasn't a mean judge..lol.
One of the contestants that put in his best is Izu who has a tedious job but still put in his best and came out second. He will be representing Nigeria in the Mr tourism Internaional world Finals 2011 contest.
DangelEyez had a chat with him on how he felt about the competition, why he entered for the competition and more.

DangelEyez: So who is IZU?

IZU is a young banker, creative, eager to succeed in his dreams, calm, caring, hard working, passionate about entertainment and modelling.

DangelEyez: How did you feel when you were announced as the runner - up ?

Izu:Well I thought I would win and many people felt so too but God has his own way of doing things. When I was called as the 1st runner up, I was happy, I have already prayed to God and done all things that could make me win the competition. So I had a mindset of ' whatever happens take it in good faith', I still got the chance of representing Nigeria internationally at Mr Tourism International World Finals holding in Panama by November so I was glad because the competition was fierce and so many contestants would love to be where I am now.

DangelEyez: How did you prepare for the contest ? 

Izu: It was not easy preparing for the contest, I am a banker and always close very late from work yet I hit the gym at least 4 times in a week, doing some cardio to burn fats and weight training to tone my muscles, most times I come back so late like 10pm. It was tough, I had to change my diet to fruits and vegetables and I avoided alcohol, I also downloaded Tyson Beckford's runway video's and learnt how a model should be walking on the runway. I took a course on public speaking, seeked advise from top models like reigning Mr Nigeria Kenneth Okolie and practised my talent routine which was Aerobic Dancing. I really worked hard and it paid off.

DangelEyez: What are you going to do with your title ?

Izu:  Before now I was to work on my pet project 'Food & Fitness 4 All' but as the current Mr. Tourism Int'l Nigeria, I have to do a project on tourism to encourage and enhance our environment. I am unveiling my project titled 'GREEN NAIJA' which discourages deforestation, encourages planting of trees, keeping the environment clean & creating jobs to some young people who would be doing the cleaning assignment, highlighting our tourist centres and its proper development above all showing off how Green Nigeria is to the 

world regarding our rich culture and history.

DangelEyez: What do you think of the organisers ?

Izu: The Mr Ideal Nigeria Organisers did a wonderful job, from the start of the competition every contestant felt their aura, their website was breathtaking and every arrangement was on point. Other contestants that didn't make it to top 4 still got awards like photogenic, best body, Mr. Congeniality etc. So it was free and fair. It was a great thing being a part of them now and I am using this forum to say a big thank you to the director Ayotunde Twitch & all those that made the show spectacular. I look forward having a great reign with them.

I always say that it is possible to create time for anything you have passion for. It will be difficult but it will pay off. 
I wish him all the best in the Mr Tourism International contest
Kudos to house of twitch

much luv,
dangel eyez 

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