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Thursday, August 26, 2010

PHCN ON STRIKE...situation is critical

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    THE SITUATION IS CRITICAL...how exactly is dangel eyez supposed to see clearly when there is no light. YES!! PHCN(a.k.a NEPA) goes on INDEFINITE NATIONWIDE STRIKE.

I heard (now I'm hearing since there is no light to use my eyezzz) from reliable sources though, that that out of the N58 billion outstanding arrears, only N5 billion was paid in July to the company’s 38,000 workers nationwide. The source also explained that only 13 percent out of the 150 PERCENT salary increase was paid to workers last May. 
  so you can imagine and the country is going to be 50 by October 1st, what are we really going to celebrate. I wonder why it is hard for the government to pay, after all this morning I heard again that over 80 billion will be used to get fertilizers(or something like that) and I'm sure we all know over 80 billion has already been approved for the upcoming elections. Too many billions coming out of their pocket, please they should remove some more so phcn can call off the strike.
    PLEASE WE NEED THEM TO WORK ... the very little they were doing is better than nothing, afterall half bread(or less in this case) is better than none. 

much love,
dangel eyez/earz .....LOL


  1. that situation is critical... maybe on this strike they ll hear their voice bcos we all need the light situation to get beta...


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