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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


               hmm its actually exciting starting up a blog, someone was telling me the height of joblessness n boredom is when you start up a blog..hehe...o well i'm definitely not jobless(as i go to work everyday) and I'm not that bored ;). starting a blog is something I have always thought of doing, I think its fun and soooo i ended up here "dangel eyez"  ...hmmm by the way just so you know those are my eyez up there (sexy?? i knowww oo ..lol). 
 dangel eyez is all about me seeing different situations or scenarios i've come across from my own point of view(dangel eyez). and hey!! since you will be leaving comments (u berra do :P), you(other eyez a.k.a followers) get to share your own point of view...so basically its--> DANGEL EYEZ SEE, DANGEL EYEZ JUDGE, DANGEL PUTS DOWN ON BLOG----> YOUR EYEZ READ, YOUR EYEZ JUDGE, YOU SHARE via comments .. seems to me to be really simple to underrrrstand :D (i lurrv d r stressing thing) pls it would be really nice of you to give urself a nickname that ends with eyez...e.g real eyez, sleek eyez, blah blah eyez.... 

      it looks like fun now, dont worry... soon n very soon my eyez shall find those serious issues that need to be BLOGGED about. 
                              For now, I welcome you to feed your eyez on the gatherings of dangel eyez

dangel eyez


  1. i see you too dear :)btw if uv got anything to blog about, lemme know but do not forget i can only blog about what me eyez av seen--
    dangel eyez

  2. lol hehe lemme not yab u here lol ekushe i'll be watchin n judgin n u too lol berra mk sure ur blogs r interestin ooo

  3. loool...my darrrling , id be watching you too...lol. n I'd try to make them both interesting and informative.
    dangel eyez

  4. nice 1...gudjob!


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